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[MtG League] Day 2: RTR Pack Pool


Results from League Day 1: 3-2

Return To Ravnica

Mizzium SkinDynachargeEthereal ArmorSearch WarrantGore-House Chainwalker
Inaction InjunctionIzzet GuildgateKeening ApparitionOgre JailbreakerArrest
Tablet of the GuildsGolgari CharmHallowed FountainPlainsSwamp

So, all this pack will really do, is slowly reinforce that black may be a color to move into, but there’s not enough yet. I’ll be incorporating the mana base elements (because those strongly assist in my existing build)

[MtG League] Decklist & Pack Pool


Starting this Sunday, a group of my friends and acquaintances will be starting up our own casual Booster League competition.

The concept of a casual Booster League is quite simple. We will be taking a booster of + + + and building a 60 card deck with the contents. We will then meetup at a local haunt, and duel until everyone has played a full 2-of-3 round of games with all attendees. With six people (our initial league), this means there will be a lot of Magic to complete.

The league events will be taking place each Sunday for four weeks. Mr. Gentleman Villain has creatively given each event a title:

  • June 23rd: Fight!
  • June 30th: The Frightening
  • July 7th: Fight In Space
  • July 14th: Armageddon!

After a hunt around Portland to find an Innistrad booster, I settled into my futon and started reviewing what fate had in store for me:

2013 Core Set

Liliana’s ShadeGuardian LionsVedalken EntrancerWarclamp MastiffIndex
Giant ScorpionScroll ThiefAttended KnightDuressYeva’s Forcemage
Blood ReckoningPrimal ClayFlinthoof BoarElvish ArchdruidMountain

There were only three standout cards for me here: Flinthoof Boar, Elvish Archdruid, and Attended Knight. The casting cost on the Elvish Archdruid was(is) a concern though, as I’m pretty confident that I will be running 3 colors in this deck, at a minimum. 60 is a lot of cards when there are only 4 packs to choose from.


Forbidden AlchemyFeral RidgewolfSelfless CatharBump in the NightMaw of the Mire
Spectral FlightBrain WeevilNight RevelersRanger’s GuileSpider Spawning
Morkrut BansheeGalvanic JuggernautKessig CagebreakersHanweir WatchkeepBane of Hanweir

This pack ended up pushing me into a solid decision for as a primary color. Kessig Gatecrashers is just a solid card in sealed and draft. With Ranger’s Guile backup, and the late game creepy Spider Spawning, it was decided. My eyes did see that Spectral Flight, and as a splash it was something to consider.

Note, that in my opinion, the best sealed cards in this pack are: Kessig Cagebreakers, Morkrut Banshee, and Galvanic Juggernaut.

I will say, at this point, I was thinking that I should be solidly in & , primarily because of the Flinthoof Boar‘s haste activated ability, and seeing the Hanweir Watchkeep//Bane of Hanweir had me considering it further, though it’s a poor card.

Dark Ascension

GravepurgeNephalia SeakiteWild HungerRay of RevelationHaunted Fengraf
Undying EvilScorch the FieldsSomberwald DryadBone to AshNiblis of the Breath
Warden of the WallGavony IronwrightIncreasing VengeanceElbrus, the Binding BladeWithengar Unbound

The top three cards, that I could see were Elbrus, the Binding Blade//Withengar Unbound, Niblis of the Breath, and Nephalia Seakite. Increasing Vengeance is just a whimper of a card outside of constructed, and there was a lot of narrow spells here. Plus, the only two good creatures were ! *sigh*, as a splash, I was willing to go into , but were these two creatures enough? Niblis of the Breath is great disruption/”removal”, and so is Nephalia Seakite. The sheer value of these two cards had me thinking, even though I wasn’t pleased with the thoughts.

But, Elbrus, the Binding Blade//Withengar Unbound?! Just a very very conditional WIN MORE card, IMHO. One must consider that you might only ever play this card as: , Creature gets +1/+0. That all being said, I was pretty confident I would slot it in for LULZ.

Avacyn Restored

Fleeting DistractionUncanny SpeedCathedral SanctifierRighteous BlowScroll of Avacyn
Angel’s MercySeraph SanctuaryTimberland GuideDemolishVanguard’s Shield
Goldnight CommanderGang of DevilsStern MentorLunar MysticMountain

What a kick in the nuts this pack was. Oof. Lunar Mystic and Stern Mentor?! *frowny face* The only good card in this pack is the Goldnight Commander. I end up pulling some of the white removal and blue card draw from this pack, but was utilized simply for the “how do I fill out the final 7 cards?” phase of the build.

Final Deck:

For what this is, and the cards I had available to me, I think this is an okay deck. I am concerned with the splash, but those two creatures were better than the alternatives with .

The biggest struggle I had was:


The color requirement on Elvish Archdruid was a pain, will be a pain, and I only have 1 other elf in Yeva’s Forcemage. The Guardian Lions are not as brutal on the color requirement, but out on the end of the curve. I chose the Archdruid, simply because of the slim chance that I may be able use his ramp value of at some point, and if something aligns, possibly even ! *yea, right*

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[de:ad:cibel] No Body Hurts Me Like I Do.


You came to me with… a problem.